Friday, July 29, 2011

it's ALIVE!

it's 4:25pm on the last Friday of July in 2011. i'm currently sitting in my cubicle at work listening to music and doing a half dozen things that are not work related. i'm bored. i'm antsy. i want to get the fuck out of here and go see the McQueen Exhibit at the Met. so i start to write... something i haven't done in awhile.

just this week I realized that not only is it halfway through the summer but it had been quite some time (almost 7 months) since i typed some of my thoughts into my dear ol' blog. and then i realized i haven't really done much writing at all in the last few months. THEN i remembered i'm lazy and like to watch that black rectangular object in my apartment that shows images & sounds of things that entertain me and that i believe i have adult ADD and i always have to be doing 8 things at once or doing absolutely nothing at all. also, i like to nap.
so is my life.
and here i am.
almost another year older but not so much wiser. my hair is a bit longer. my skin has more ink on it. i'm still not smoking (almost 7 months!), my heart seems to have started to mend, my hearing has probably gotten worse from shows and my butt is definitely a bit bigger (ice cream & i have had real quality time in recent months.) i've had my ups and downs, but all in all, i'm alright.

even though you thought i was gone, i'm not. i'm here.

i just do my own thing sometimes.
and if you know me, then you already know that's just how i am.