Friday, September 21, 2012

I've had the time of my life...

What did I do this Summer you ask?
Well here is an abridged list...

I traveled. To new places, to old places.
I traveled with friends, to see friends and made a TON of new ones.
I traveled with family and even by myself.
I traveled a whole lot of miles to see my favorite band all over the country, even all the way to the west coast.
I got Dave Matthews to turn around on his bike and come back to say hi to me (and others) and also wear my sock monkey hat in the middle of a heatwave.
I gave Stefan Lessard a monkey and my autograph. (not kidding)
I rediscovered love & happiness again.
I might have found what U2 was looking for...
I traveled across an ocean for the 1st time.
I walked around London like I owned it. and I walked A LOT.
I got tattooed. (of course)
I got to experience an Olympic city in person.
I officially confirmed my nerdiness for all that is Harry Potter by going here.
I took a bazillion pictures. yes, 1 bazillion. pictures of what? pictures of EVERYTHING. (You can see all my London pictures here and all my DMB pictures are in albums on Facebook)
I met some Olympians. and Danny Devito.
I had about 4 or 5 famous people tell me that my tattoos are 'really cool', 'very nice' or 'sick'.
I got to talk to and drink whiskey with one of my favorite English musicians.
I also got the drunkest I've been in a LONG time in London.(thank you, Frank Turner)
I was in the most kickass picture ever taken on Abbey Road (sorry Paul, John, George & Ringo but it's true):
I got to do roll call at Yankee Stadium with Bald Vinny & the Bleacher Creatures. (!!!!!!)
I got on the jumbotron at Yankee Stadium while doing my best YMCA. (the C goes to the left people)
I got on TV while singing and dancing like a fool. several times.

Basically with a mix of spontaneity, luck and a whole lot of love, I have had some of the most memorable & incredibly amazing times of my life this summer. It will certainly be hard to top it.

Goodbye Summer 2012. You will be missed and forever remembered.