Monday, September 1, 2014


For whatever reason(s), I haven't written anything that isn't work or job search-related in quite some time.

While enjoy the day off, the idea came to me to write about what today means to me.
I also realized that this piece has helped me get some much needed words/thoughts out and onto paper.


Sitting side by side on the edge of a dimly lit hotel parking lot.
It was late.
The Seattle mist fell down on us but we didn't care...
at least we were alone.
In this moment, it felt like we were the only people in the world.

You gave me your long-sleeved shirt to wear and we just held each other in the dark.
I wish we had more time before we had to go our separate ways.
I asked you what would happen, where would we go from here.

You told me, as you looked in my eyes, that 'we would work something out - we would find a way'.
I saw wonder in your eyes and heard the hope in your voice - it made me hopeful in us.

Labor Day has never been the best or most memorable holiday...
until I spent it with you.
This is the holiday I think about when I'm sad, upset, frustrated, anxious or feeling shitty.
I think about us in Seattle. I think about you.
You give me hope. You always have.

I can only wish that I give you some hope.
Hope in yourself. Hope in us.