Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Thought Fridays (Issue 7)

I usually don't participate in the whole Lent 'giving something up' deal but I think I'm going to challenge myself this year. Hell, if I can quit smoking, I think I can do just about anything. So I decided to give up alcohol. Yep, you read that correctly. It's definitely going to be challenging to do for 40 straight days but I'm pretty confident I can do it.

I'm getting new ink tomorrow! There are very few things that get me as excited as getting tattoo work done. I'm really excited to see how my ideas all come together tomorrow. and yes, pictures will most definitely be posted in next week's FTF.

In the last 10 days, I've gotten flowers (delivered to my job no less) and a mixed CD from a guy. I must be doing something right. or that magic spell is really working.

Mixes (tapes or CDs or playlists) are completely underrated - if you love music and getting a creative gift, then you really can't go wrong with getting a mix from someone. Sure you might not love ALL the songs but I guarantee you will discover a new song by a band you love or a new artist all together. I'm going to start utilizing this gift more. (hint hint, friends and loved ones)

It kind of bothers me when the only person who gets the final Jeopardy! question right doesn't win the overall game.

The top 2 reasons I am so excited to go to London this Summer (and I'm not joking):
-to hear everyone talk in an English accent
-to re-enact this scene from "National Lampoon's European Vacation"

Speaking of London (warning: Nerd Alert ahead), upon thinking about places to go & what to do when I visit this summer, I immediately knew I wanted to go here. And yes, I know I'm 31 years old but this will be one kick ass place to visit.

Also, if you have suggestions/tips/advice about London, PLEASE comment below or email me. I'm really interested in everything and anything people have to tell me.

and I leave you with this - while looking through old pictures the other day, I came across this one - looks like I knew how to rock out from the beginning:

Me around 8 or 9 months old (I was a FAT baby.)

Me in August 2011 at Coney Island.
(Damn, I have some WHITE ASS legs.)

Yeah. Not much has changed in 31 years.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Thought Fridays (Issue 6)

I got an orchid for valentine's day. For only the 3rd time in my 31.5 years on this planet (yeah that percent is pretty terrible - let's not even think about it.) It's starting to look pretty pathetic though - I don't really know what to do with flowers/plants but to water am I allowed to have animals? Maybe it's best I don't continue to receive flowers.

I got kicked out a bar for only the second time in my life last weekend (and I don't remember the 1st instance except that I somewhat remember ordering a gin gimlet - I don't even know what's in that. yeah, I was WASTED.) Let's hope that I am not shunned from the Ale House for all eternity.

Not only did DMB tour dates get announced this week (I'm only going to 2 stops this tour - shocking I know) but I also figured out when & how long I will be in London this summer. I'm pretty sure I will be out of NYC more than in it for the month of July. Making vacation plans to do SUPER FUN AWESOME things is getting me so excited for this summer. Plus it's helping me forget that it's only February.

It's such a shame when amazing, hardworking, talented people I know get shit on. Working in the arts is a tough, no-fucks given business.

The first few pieces of music I remember owning were: 45s of Wham! "Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go), Stevie Wonder "I just called to say I Love You" and cassette tapes of the following: Billy Ocean's Caribbean Queen, Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Album, The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack and Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All". I'm pretty sure the cassettes (except for the Chipmunks) all belonged to my Mom before I 'borrowed' them but I remember hearing Whitney at a young age and being in awe of her voice. In 3rd grade, some girls and I made up a dance to do at a school talent show to "I wanna Dance with Somebody" (which I'm pretty sure consisted of us 'step-touch'ing, putting our hands in the air and turning a lot) but we thought we rocked since we were dancing along to Whitney's awesome vocals and that catchy beat. Then in the early 90s, I was slightly obsessed with The Bodyguard soundtrack (don't judge). Whitney's ability to turn a song into a hit was magic. She really had an amazing gift and we were all very lucky to experience it. She was an icon, a diva, a voice of a generation. Her legacy won't soon be forgotten. Thanks for the memories and wonderful music, Whitney.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Thought Fridays (Issue 5)

This week has been busy and I don't really feel well so this Issue will be short.

My sinuses are out of control. I can't breathe, it feels like my head is going to explode and I just want to curl up in bed and sleep. How is it that I feel worse than I did last week?

I definitely do not like the new Facebook timeline layout. It's awful. Things that I thought I posted on my wall don't seem to be there or at least they're not visible to me. Shit is just all over the place in different sized boxes. It definitely is making me consider limiting my time on it now - I really like it for the albums/pictures and for events/invites but other than that, I think my Facebook days are numbered.

There is still much to consider but I'm about 80-85% sure I will be going to London this summer.

I'm going to try to leave work a little early, go to the walk-in clinic & hopefully get some antibotics - Anyone want to make me dinner and bring it to sick little me?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Free Thought Fridays (Issue 4 - Monday Edition)

Pardon me for not holding true to the Friday part of this entry. In my defense, work was a bit crazy and I ended up making some last minute plans Friday night. Then it hit me Saturday afternoon when I was coming back from the gym that I had forgotten to post my weekly entry.
I'm not perfect. I forget shit sometimes. There I said it. Let's move on.

In the last 2 weeks, I have been to the movies 3 times. I think I saw a total of 2 movies in the theater in all of 2011 so I'm already ahead of the game this year.

I don't care what anyone else says or how much people laugh at me, Forrest Gump will always be in my Top 5 of my favorite movies ever. From the moment I saw it for the 1st time in the theater back in 1994 (by accident mind you - my best friend and I had wanted to go see something else but I think it was sold out), it has left a lasting impression on me. I don't know exactly why I felt that way about it but I won't forget that feeling of awe after the movie was over. Honestly, I'm glad that other movie was sold out - it still remains one of the best movies I've seen in the theater.
"I happen to believe you make your destiny. You have to do the best with what God gave you."

My sinuses and I are at war. Right now they are winning the battle of "not letting Nicole breathe and making her head all achy and stuffy." I feel so sluggish. It sucks.

I bought a pair of plain old blue Levis last week for the 1st time in I can't even remember.

and last but not least, I leave you all with this link. I stumbled across it when I was doing some research: