Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sports writing isn't just stats anymore.

i love sports. i also love satirical writing. so it goes without saying that during football season i frequent this magical website called Page 2 which is where ESPN has writers, bloggers & columists combine both of those things together! it makes me a happy camper.

I enjoy many things on this site but my favorite is called the NFL Hangover. It's a weekly recap of what happened during the NFL games on Sunday (& Thursday if there were any). It's written by DJ Gallo, a hilarious & brilliant writer. He also is the founder of SportsPickle.com & can be found on the twitter: @djgalloespn & @thatdjgallo.

My favorite part of the Hangover is the photo of the week at the end. The caption of the photo is the text of the link so you have to read it first then click it. Here are some that made me laugh from yesterday's post:

"Whoops. I missed my mouth. My accuracy is terrible."

"Ah, man. This night stinks. Cheer me up with some low-fives, imaginary friends."

and my favorite this week:

"I'll make it come to me by using my dreamy gaze."

it's nice to see that sports, while competitive & professional at times, can also make us laugh.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

too little, too much, never enough

why is it that when life seems to pull me in every direction possible - whether it be work, events/parties, friends, adventures, love - all i want to do is go home, turn off my phone, hang out with my cats, and watch tv/read a book... i just want to go into my tiny apartment in brooklyn and ignore the rest of the world and escape into mine...


when i have nowhere to go and no one to see, no plans at all but to be the laziest person alive watching all the law & order reruns my heart desires, i crave a conversation with someone or need to vent about something or maybe i even just want a hug.
but no one is around or picking up the phone.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

more more more...

i want to write more.
i need to write more.
i want to create more things, meaningful things.
i want to smoke more. i mean less. no, i actually mean more.
i should do more yoga. my neck & back will thank me.
i want more sleep or at least try to get better sleep.
i should spend more time with my cats. i think that they miss me.... at least i tell myself that.
i should eat more but that's doubtful to happen. i'll stick to eating healthier.
i need to call my mom more even if she doesn't pick up. i miss her.
i want more time to relax.
i don't want the summer to end - specifically this summer but summer in general nonetheless.
i want more warm, sunny days for sitting on blankets or under trees, listening to the wind blow & watching life go by.
i want more clarity.
i want to be more hopeful.
i want time to stop right here and now.
i want more time to just be.