Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights...

I went to the Museum of The Moving Image today to see the Jim Henson exhibit. If you are in the NYC area and have ever cared about anything Muppet/Henson related, you MUST go see it. I grew up on a lot of things Muppet-related, especially Sesame Street, all of the Muppet films (AND Labyrinth & The Dark Crystal), Fraggle Rock, even Muppet Babies so I was really excited to go see an exhibit about the creation of the characters & worlds that I grew up loving.

I was also fortunate enough to pick the weekend that they were screening my favorite Muppet film "The Muppets take Manhattan" - I was 5 years old again and loving every minute of it. The production designer of the film & one of the costume designers were in the audience and did a Q&A session afterward. It was great to hear some of the experiences they had while working not only on the film itself but with Jim and the rest of the Muppet family.

While in the gift shop, this conversation took place:

Me: "I don't really have a favorite Muppet. I like Gonzo, Animal, Cookie Monster & Rowlf a lot but I can't just pick a favorite."

Carrie: "I'm pretty sure your inner spirit animal is Animal from The Muppets."

Me: "Yeah, that sounds about right."

I had to get it - my 'animal' instincts just couldn't resist.

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