Thursday, August 5, 2010

8/5/1980 9:56pm Bronxville, NY

That is the exact time I graced the earth with my presence.
My mom likes to remind me that I was almost a full 2 weeks late during a summer of a ridiculous heat wave. I don't remember having the power to control the weather - maybe I lost it at birth.
I've been told that the 1st thing my grandmother said when she first saw me was "Wow, she has great eyebrows!" She was right. and they still are great.

3 decades later and what can I say?

I'm 'a little' taller, have some ink on my skin (ok a lot of ink), some weight on my shoulders & a bit of a heavy heart. I'm older, but definitely not much wiser from it all.


I'm not sad to see my 20's go - they were 85% awful, 10% good & 5% amazing.
But that 5% I am so grateful for. It's amazing friends I've made & still have, discovering new & old passions, opportunities I've had & the learning & growth I've made from all of it.

So the 30's better be ready for me because here I come.

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