Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Thought Fridays (Issue 2)

oh hi! I'm back, just like I said I would be.
Oh, you thought I wouldn't post something again for a couple of months?
Here I am. Rocking this blog like a hurricane!
(Yeah, I went there. Sorry.)

- Earlier this week I said "I really really really hate medical insurance companies" as I was inconvenienced with some new year bullshit while trying to get a prescription refilled at CVS. Well, I called the member services #, I spoke with a customer rep. who was not only helpful in resolving my issue but was nice and friendly. So I partially take back what I said about medical insurance companies - I do have anger against them for the rates they make me pay but I don't hate them. CVS, on the otherhand, can kiss my ass.

- Why are people so against doing their own taxes? People seriously have issues about that. You would think that the world is ending when they get handed their W2. I got my W2 yesterday and within 10 minutes, I found the 2011 tax forms & info online and figured out how much money I was going to get back from the IRS (forget NY state - that government is so fucked up they don't know which way is up.) Maybe it's because I have no dependents, deductions, withholdings or any money for that matter but I mean, come on - it's simple math with god damn step by step instructions, people! The only reason I started to file online is because it's free & you get your refund faster but for years I used to just do the math and mail it in myself. So get a calculator and a pencil and take 20 minutes to do your taxes. I guarantee that will feel like an adult afterward.

- My brain is on constant overdrive lately.
How's my Mom doing by herself in the middle of nowhere Illinois?
When is my Dad going to explode from being lonely and/or working too hard?
Why won't my cat stop throwing up everywhere?
How am I going to budget in a vacation this year when I just barely cover paying my bills?
Why do I continue to feel worthless and lonely?
Why hasn't anyone invented clothing that washes itself?
Why can't I just stay in my warm bed all the time and watch Law & Order reruns?
(and breathe)
Yeah - I'm a giant stress ball.
When I can't turn off my brain, I can't sleep. When I can't sleep, I get tired and cranky and more stressed out. It's a god damn cycle of hell. I wish it would end.

- Am I the only person in the universe that emails things to themselves? If I need to remind myself to do/get something or go somewhere, I will email it to myself. It's the updated version of writing on the back of my hand (which I used to do all the time and occasionally still do). I know there are reminder apps and alerts and to-do lists but honestly, I look at my email all the time and it works best for me. so FUCK OFF.

- I'm going to the ballet tomorrow. I haven't been since I think I was 8 or 9. I'm beyond excited.

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