Friday, May 28, 2010

favorite things

a blog i follow recently posted a list of the blogger's favorite things. The blogger mentioned that she's had an ongoing list of favorite things for sometime now & except for the occasional new addition, her list has stayed the same for years. She also realized that it was something she never had shared publicly. So she thought some positivity would do some good for herself & others who read her blog.
At the end of her list, she encouraged others to comment/post their own lists.
I love this idea. In this day, we are almost always thinking and being told of all the negativity in the world - what's wrong with society, what could go wrong in the world and so on.
So in the midst of the chaos I am currently in, I have stopped to dwell on some of my favorite things - things that make me smile, things that no matter how bad a day I might be having will make me forget about life for a minute or two & enjoy the moment at hand. This is far from being complete, but it's the things that immediately came to mind when I started the list.

Although I can't turn this list into a song, I think Julie Andrews would be proud.

My favorite things:

my cat Lucy
creating things
New York City
live music
Rock & Roll
the New York Yankees
watching TV
wearing a new piece of clothing/outfit for the 1st time
watching & listening to a thunderstorm
laughing so hard you start crying
making people laugh
hearing my mom laugh
free stuff
Dave Matthews Band
looking up at a crystal clear star-filled sky in the middle of the night
reading/listening to something that really connects with you
reading/listening to something that really inspires you
meeting someone who really inspires you
late fun-filled nights
Joan Jett
trivia games
finding a quiet, peaceful place in this constantly on-the-go city
taking off my socks & shoes after a long day
getting something ice cold to drink when you're really thirsty
living in New York City
seeing someone you haven't seen in awhile
not having to wake up to an alarm clock
hearing your favorite song come on the radio
diner food
crossword puzzles
upstate New York in the Fall
hugs that make you feel loved
street fairs
doing a really good job on something and knowing it
discovering new music
writing from your heart & soul
experiencing friends creating amazing art
taking a day off from EVERYTHING (aka a lazy, mental health day)
getting tattooed
mint chocolate chip ice cream
putting a piece of clothing on when it comes right out of the dryer
gin & gingers
driving with the windows down & the radio turned up
watching my cat Minnie chase her tail
finally getting to eat a food you've been craving for awhile
people that make me smile without having to do a thing
iced tea
getting a card/letter/gift in the mail
getting in bed when you're really, really tired
being different

I needed that.

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