Thursday, September 2, 2010

more more more...

i want to write more.
i need to write more.
i want to create more things, meaningful things.
i want to smoke more. i mean less. no, i actually mean more.
i should do more yoga. my neck & back will thank me.
i want more sleep or at least try to get better sleep.
i should spend more time with my cats. i think that they miss me.... at least i tell myself that.
i should eat more but that's doubtful to happen. i'll stick to eating healthier.
i need to call my mom more even if she doesn't pick up. i miss her.
i want more time to relax.
i don't want the summer to end - specifically this summer but summer in general nonetheless.
i want more warm, sunny days for sitting on blankets or under trees, listening to the wind blow & watching life go by.
i want more clarity.
i want to be more hopeful.
i want time to stop right here and now.
i want more time to just be.

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