Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Thought Fridays (Issue 5)

This week has been busy and I don't really feel well so this Issue will be short.

My sinuses are out of control. I can't breathe, it feels like my head is going to explode and I just want to curl up in bed and sleep. How is it that I feel worse than I did last week?

I definitely do not like the new Facebook timeline layout. It's awful. Things that I thought I posted on my wall don't seem to be there or at least they're not visible to me. Shit is just all over the place in different sized boxes. It definitely is making me consider limiting my time on it now - I really like it for the albums/pictures and for events/invites but other than that, I think my Facebook days are numbered.

There is still much to consider but I'm about 80-85% sure I will be going to London this summer.

I'm going to try to leave work a little early, go to the walk-in clinic & hopefully get some antibotics - Anyone want to make me dinner and bring it to sick little me?

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