Saturday, April 10, 2010

80's anyone?

My recent blog entry about my Deserted Island Soundtrack got a lot of positive feedback & made for some interesting conversation starters. I was asked what would be my top 10 songs from the 80s. Now there is a distinct difference between 80s rock & 80s pop and because I could easily pick a ton of songs from each, I will be giving them each a separate list & entry. I'll start with the cheesy & the corny - the Pop list. I also couldn't just pick 10. So deal.

These are my favorite 80's Pop Songs. They have a special place in my heart & like Pavlov's dog, if any of these started playing any time at any place, I would definitely start belting out all the lyrics of all of them:

"Alone" - Heart
I LOVE THIS SONG. This could possibly make a run for my #1 favorite 80s song.

"How Soon is Now?" - The Smiths
What can you say about Morrissey? An amazing band & an amazing song.

"Just like Heaven" - The Cure
This is such a feel good song. LOVE LOVE LOVE Robert Smith. This band is one of the defining groups of the decade.

"Need You Tonight" - INXS
I don't think there is an INXS song I don't like, but this one is so fun to sing to. RIP Michael Hutchins.

"Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go) - Wham!
This song reminds me of growing up. I had this on a 45 and would play it on my fisher price record player and dance around the living room.

"Everything She Wants" - Wham!
This is my favorite Wham! song. It's fun to sing for karaoke with a ton of other people.

"Modern Love" - David Bowie
Bowie not only conquers another decade with awesome music, but tempts Jennifer Connelly as the Goblin King in Labyrinth (can he do no wrong?) Another one of those songs that just makes me feel good.

'Policy of Truth' - Depeche Mode
I didn't really truly discover Depeche Mode until I was in my teens but man everything about them, the lyrics, the beats, David Gahan's voice all made me fall in love instantly. New wave had made its way into my teenage years and it's never left. This is my favorite DM song, I'm not entirely sure why but it definitely just hit me. It's so simple yet complicated all at the same time. It's amazing.

"West End Girls" - Pet Shop Boys feat. Dusty Springfield
I love the sound of Dusty Springfield's voice in the song, love the beat, and just the feeling of 'mysteriousness' that this song give off .

"Walk like an Egyptian" - The Bangles
Do you remember pocket rockers? Well I had that EXACT player. You see that little cassette in the corner? It was one side "Walk like an Egyptian", one side "Manic Monday". I played the CRAP out of that cassette. Also, whenever I think of this song I immediately think of the video of just all random people they filmed dancing & "Walking like an Egyptian".

"Break it Down Again" - Tears for Fears
I know this wasn't released in the 80s (it was the early 90s) but it is very 80s-esque and is my favorite Tears for Fears song.

"King of Pain" - The Police
This is my favorite Police song. that is all.

"Every Breathe you Take" - The Police
Before I found out this song was about a stalker fan of Sting/The Police, I wanted this to be my wedding song.... and it is still up there in the ranking to be.

"And She Was" - Talking Heads
I think I listen to this song at least once a day. This (and Psycho Killer) are 2 my favorite Talking Heads songs.

"Bad" - Michael Jackson
The leather jacket. The video. The dancing. I remember this being one of the first videos I ever saw & just wanted to watch it over & over. How could you not love everything & anything Michael Jackson did back in the 80s?

"Billie Jean" - MJ
a classic. enough said.

and these are some honorable mentions that I wanted to include but don't really have anything to add about:

"Keep Me Hangin' On" - Kim Wilde
"Maneater" - Hall & Oates
"The Promise" - When in Rome
"What Do All the People Know?" - The Monroes
"Invisible Touch" - Genesis
"Tenderness" - General Public

next up.... my Top 80s Rock songs.

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  1. I love the list, but I have a huge complaint. Alone is not a pop song and should definitely be on the rock list. Heart is the quintessential girl-fronted rock band. The only other band that comes close is Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Big kudos for mentioning the Monroes with the song that you keep thinking is over and they just keep repeating the last line!