Monday, September 7, 2009


This is my attempt at keeping a blog - I've had a few blog accounts over the past few years (which I actually would update and keep up with fairly frequently) but have since been neglected and well, I think it's time to start fresh - a new page, new chapter.... and honestly, I like to write and need a place to vent. I find more comfort with putting thoughts down to paper, or in this case, blog form.

If you are reading this, then there's a 98% chance that you know me & I know you. If you fall into that 2%, I am excited/intrigued/slightly creeped out that you are reading this, but I digress. It's the internet - I shouldn't be all that surprised if people I don't know stumble upon this - I just hope you find something of what I have to say interesting/funny/insightful.


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