Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So when I started this blog, I wanted to post things that I write (plays, poems etc) on here in addition to just writing & ranting on any given subject.
I'm not Plath or Dickinson so I wouldn't be expecting anything life changing or mind blowing. Honestly, I just write what comes to me and it helps me to get things out of my head.

This particular poem doesn't have a title (yet).

A slight touch
those blue eyes looking so...
A smile and an embrace
of which I can not possibly describe.
Lying there
so close
yet uncertainty makes the small space between us seem so vast,
like we are worlds apart.

I'm speechless
I wish to reach out
to hold you
kiss you
want you
want you to want me.
I want you to tell me your dreams
I want you to tell me anything.
But you seem so far
I feel I may lose you.

Breathing and my bass-drum beating heart.
The silence is deafening.
Please make it stop.
I want you.
I want you to make it stop.

N. Strawbridge

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