Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seasons of Love....and Hatred.

Disclaimer: let me first say that this isn't going to be your typical post or blog where I'm just bitch about the weather (well,I might a little but only to make a valid point) or try to be the next Framer's Almanac - it will involve more that that.

I've been a Northeast girl my whole life - I've never lived outside of the tri-state area - so I've always had the privilege & the extreme displeasure of experiencing all 4 seasons. Unfortunately in the past decade or so, the normal 4 seasons have become something more of a thing of the past, like 8-track players, typewriters & phones with cords.

So in honor of the the recent change of season, here is my list of seasons (listed in the order of most hated to most loved):

I despise, loathe, have the deepest hatred for Winter that i'm getting angry just thinking about it's arrival in just a few months. The only thing I used to enjoy about Winter is the Christmas holidays but well, that now just gets me depressed. So basically I HATE WINTER. that is all.

Spring & Fall are the most evident victims for us East Coasters. I don't remember the last time we had decent a Spring or Fall. Believe me, I know when they get here - my sinuses are my new change in season indicator - but that aside, or looking at a calendar or hearing it via the news, the actual weather will not let you know what season it is.

Spring, normally a time for growth, warming up and breaking out of a winter shell, has brought unusually colder & damp days. This past Spring, we had more rain in a matter of 1 month than we did the entire summer before. Now I know that Spring is the rainy season, but seriously? What happened to the color and life that Spring used to offer? Flowers blooming & animals coming back out to play? Spring I really don't have a like or dislike for. I just can't stand that cold dampness that runs through my body and chills me to the bone. If we could make it rain less in the Spring, I'd probably enjoy it more.

My second favorite season is Fall. I love a lot of things about Fall - it is one of the prettiest times of year, especially in the Northeast - nothing beats taking a drive up the Taconic and seeing the leaves & trees change colors. I love that Fall has brief snippets of "Indian Summer" to help ease me into Winter. It is also the only season that has 2 names - some people only call it Autumn because they are too cool to say Fall. Fall to me as a kid was fun - back to school time, jumping in leaf piles my dad just made, it wasn't too hot or too cold to be outside (a.k.a perfect bike riding weather). Now, Fall has other amazing reminders: Television comes back to life, postseason baseball & the beginning of another Football season. I kinda wish sometimes it could be Fall all the time - it's not too cold but it's not ungodly hot. It's sweatshirt/long-sleeved weather all the time... you can't beat that.

Summer is my favorite season. Summer means: longer, sunnier days, getting to watch my favorite sport practically everyday, Tanktops & Flipflops, windows rolled all way down in my car with the music blaring, my birthday, weekend roadtrips, outdoor funtimes. My favorite memories as a kid were during the summertime. If someone came up with a solution to getting rid of the humidity & bug issue that Summer brings to the Northeast, I would be willing to give them my first born child or a high-five. I guess I could just move to San Diego or Arizona too.

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