Thursday, September 10, 2009

My 4 Food Groups

If I could create 4 food groups and live on those for the rest of my life (without weight gain or health issues) they would be:

Coffee, Cookies, Pizza & Beer.

Because they all taste so fucking good. Yes, there are the cases that you get a horrid slice of pizza (usually this occurs outside of the tri-state area) or that cup of coffee isn't to your standards, but I can honestly say that when eating these things I have consciously said out loud and in my head, "Oh My God, this is/tastes amazing."

Coffee: When I'm @ home, I put splenda & coffeemate french vanilla creamer in my coffee, but when I'm out, I go for the ol' light & sweet (just like me!) unless I'm at starbucks - then it's the skinny vanilla lattes that are my weakness. I am a fan of Iced Coffee but a hot cup of coffee will never let me down.

Pizza: I'm a plain person - always have, always will be. It's dough, sauce & cheese - why fuck it up with everything else? If you're going to throw meat or vegetables on it, you might as well just have a sandwich. I do like sicilian slices, but it depends from where. Fleetwood Joe's Pizzeria & Restaurant makes the BEST sicilian slices I've ever had.

Beer: You know when people say "it's an acquired taste"? I acquired the taste for Beer. I used to never like it. In college, I liked Rum & 'fratboy punch' (if you have to ask, you probably didn't go to college & don't want to know what I'm referring to) and assorted mixed drinks (which i do still like), but except to play beruit(beer pong), I never drank beer. Not until I was living in the city did I start drinking beer on a regular basis & sadly I think I started because it was cheaper than buying other drinks. But so started my love for Beer.... I prefer ales over lagers or stouts (I like to have a beer with my meal, not AS my meal) and I really can't stand IPAs. I have to admit that I'm not that much of a beer snob - my favorites are Sam Adams Summer Ale, Allagash, Hennepin & PBR, right out of the can (classy right?)

Cookies: The trickest one on this list. This is where my desire for things being plain sort of goes out the window. I LOVE cookies. Cookie Monster wasn't my favorite seasame street character growing up (actually it sort of scared the hell out of me when he would manically attack cookie products) but he slowly became my favorite over the years. Much like people are on a mission to find God, or to go to every Major League Ballpark, or climb to the top of every mountain, I would like to start my own mission: to find the best & most delicious cookies in the world. I'm going to go call that guy on that show (you know who I'm talking about) and see if we have a spin-off in the making. My favorite cookie of all time is a chewy soft chocolate chip cookie, but I do enjoy Oatmeal, Snickerdoodle, Samoas (thank you girl scouts of america) cookies. I do not like cookies with peanut butter, nuts, fruit, berries, sprinkles, sparkles or confetti in them. Caramel, coconut & Chocolate are the only exceptions.

These make up the 4 food groups. Now, of course there are the occasional speciality foods like ice cream cake, my mom's mashed potatoes, pancakes, burritos but I don't love those enough to give them their own category. They are like holidays - foods that I wouldn't want to live on but gorge myself on every once in awhile.

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